Are you looking for guidance, answers,                               validation, clarification or healing?




In Person, Phone or Zoom

Readings are available in person, by facetime, zoom or phone (no photo required) Karen uses a combination of claircognizance, clairaudience, tarot & oracle cards, and Reiki energy to help you in achieving answers, guidance, clarification, validation and healing for you. While no two sessions are the same,  Karen handles every single session with the care and compassion that you deserve with some damn good humorous cards at the end that will tap into your awesomeness to continue into your future.




Face to Face in Person or Long Distance     

Karen is a qualified Reiki II Practitioner.
A Reiki session will deliver a wonderful & gentle way of relaxing, reducing the tension in your body & increasing your energy levels.

Reiki brings all aspects of our being into balance, as it works on: 

The Physical body.              Emotional vibrational body. 
Mental vibrational body.    Spiritual vibrational body.  

    Reiki heals the cause, and eliminates the effects of Physical, Emotional & Mental imbalances.

    Universal Energy (Reiki) is transferred from the practitioner to the client through exchange of Energy/heat/Chi via the hands. The practitioner places their hands on specific parts of the client's body to exchange this Energy.

    The client's body then uses this Energy to help facilitate self -healing. This is done on a Sub-Conscious level and you may not be aware of it taking place.

    Some of the benefits that you could expect to see include: 

    • Promote feelings of relaxation.

    • Improved sleeping patterns. 

    • Reduced levels of stress

    • Reduced levels of anxiety. 

    • Relax, sore / tense / tired muscles.

    • Calming & soothing the emotions.

    • Increase body's energy flow.

    • Clear Meridian blockages.

    • Balancing & clearing Chakra's 

    • Balancing & clearing the Aura.

    • Clearing karmic debt.

    • Lifestyle enhancement. 

    • Balancing & clearing Chakra's 

    • Lifestyle enhancement. 

    • Release tension, revives your whole body - Physically, Emotionally & Mentally. 

    • Restore, full body equilibrium. 




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    Open by appointment only - we allocate this time to give you & your friends/family space to purposely shop without any interuption. Once you've booked your appointment, we've reserved that time just for you so please call or text us if you are running late. In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we greatly appreciate at least a 24-hour notice.