Apophyllite Zeolites

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Apophyllite Zeolites 8 x 7 cm

Connect with the high vibrations of this apophyllite crystal cluster. Clear your senses and reset your intentions with clarity with this magical piece. 

Style it up in your home and place your favourite crystal ring on top for the ultimate ring holder.

Apophyllite is a crystal that works to deepen levels of consciousness, and is used as a powerful connection to the spiritual world. Apophyllite is an energy stimulator that brings high crystal vibration energy to mystical workings.

Apophyllites can transfer ideas gathered from the higher domains to be used with the conscious mind. Meditating with an Apophyllite to enhance clarity, focus and truth from within. The spiritual connection of Apophyllite makes it an excellent helper crystal for deep meditation, mystical vision, and inter-dimensional or astral travel.

This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

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