Generator Polished Hemimorphite

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Generator Polished Hemimorphite

Fully Polished, Six Sided Point Generator, ideal for activating & aligning your 4 upper chakras.

Blue Hemimorphite has a vibration that increases the amount of light coming into your auric field, to aid ascension and spiritual growth.

The vibration of this stone brings you an increase in joy, with the flow on effect helping your emotional state to improve.

If you wish to expand the growth of psychic powers, including amplifying your mediumship and channeling gifts, this stone may be beneficial to you. 

By bringing additional light into this area, your overall communication abilities will be improved.

This added light is highly effective at helping to create excellent results in many areas of the body, and particularly in the throat chakra.

As well you may also acquire enhanced psychic communication gifts.  As well they will assist the healing of any relationship problems you may have.

Height: 34 - 40 mm
Width: 17 - 20 mm
Weight: 20 - 24 gms

An energy generator crystal, also sometimes called a projector crystal, has six equal sides or faces which taper to a point. ... The conical or pyramidal shape of the central crystal amplifies the power of the surrounding crystals, directing the energy to where it is needed.

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