Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards

Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards

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The dawn of the Waking Dreamer is upon us. A time to reclaim our imaginations and step even further into our growth. Many societies have ignored this more abstract side of our being to such a degree that we are inclined to avoid having anything to do with it. Now we have a map to guide us with the Wild Harmonic Oracle, a series of elemental relationships that help cultivate a deepening communion with Creativity, thereby re-creating your life both inside and out.

This set of 65 circular cards includes the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit, Celestial, and Dimensional, and an additional element called Shadow. The position of the card provides the reader with insight into the direction of their journey, rising from Earth to Dimensional and clearing energies, called ascension, and returning back again when a vision is attained, called embodiment. For all those who are finding and refining their path, these are the navigation points in between the \"heres\" and \"theres\" to help locate yourself in the everywhere.

About the Author

Gabe Marihugh is an artist, mystic, musician, and teacher of meditation, subtle energy, and sacred ritual. He is a doctor of divinity and lifelong inquirer into the subtle, poetic, hidden, and empowering arts. Gabe has been studying and practicing meditation and myriad esoteric teachings for over 30 years. He teaches regular classes on meditation and magic and hosts weekly tea ceremonies to help spread the Dreaming.

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